The international fair Salon Gourmets is a feast for the senses. With more than 50,000 products to taste, and in many cases to discover, this international fair of food and drinks, based in Madrid, and the most important in Europe, is an unmissable event for professionals who want to keep up to date with the latest news and trends in the gastronomic sector. 

The Gourmet Hall began its journey in 1987, promoted by the group Gourmets. Its objective was to bring together producers, buyers and promoters, in order to boost the gastronomy sector, in the first fair of delicatessen products that was held in Spain. The success of the first call led Salón Gourmets to repeat its annual appointment, with a remarkable and sustained growth over time.


From 73 exhibitors and 8,000 visitors in the first edition, it has evolved to 2,023 exhibitors and 107,050 professional visitors in its latest edition, which is 18.7% more public than in the previous year and the largest affluence in history.

It should be highlighted, among the products exhibited in the Salon Gourmets, the high presence of oils (18% of all products). In addition, for the second consecutive year, the Ministry of Agriculture has presented the “The EVOO tunnel”, a space designed to show the varietal richness of the Spanish olive grove.

We didn´t want to miss this opportunity and surrounded by tastings of products, workshops of great chefs and presentation of innovative and award-winning products we searched for oils that excelled for their quality without being still big established brands (some of them have gained recognition in recent years) and this is the result: 

Puerta de las Villas


Its Picual Temprano is one of its Premium products, an excellent extra virgin olive oil made with olives harvested in the middle-end of October. Winner of the Prize of the Spain Ministry of Agriculture 2019, this award is one of the many ones already received by the Cooperativa San Vicente de Mogón in recent years, which indicates the good work of this mill and the quality of its production.

This oil has a smooth entry into the mouth, but with character and great harmony. Taste exhibits medium pungency well compensated with a spicy flavour. It is an oil with high persistence and harmony. 

Along with the Early Picual they also produce other oils, such as the Early Harvest Organic Extra Virgin, an authentic delight for the palate. It is a green fruity oil, reminiscent of freshly cut grass, with a medium nose and a medium floral and fruit profile on the tongue. It is complemented by an almond flavour that lasts in the mouth and that makes it a harmonious oil.

Puerta de Las Villas is the brand of the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza San Vicente de Mogón, in Jaén, established in 1966 by 100 members.


Vieiru DOP Gata-Hurdes  (conventional and organic)


Top 100 of the best EVOOs in the world in EVOOLEUM Awards 2018 and Gold Medal in Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards 2018 for Vieiru Ecological DOP “Gata Hurdes”, Almazara As Pontis has been recognized with more than 170 international awards, including Best Almazara of Spain 2017.

Vieiru DOP is an oil obtained from the Manzanilla Cacereña, a variety native to the Sierra de Gata and Hurdes regions, in the north of Extremadura. Slightly sweet, with great balance between spiciness and bitterness. It emphasizes the intensity of its fruitiness and its vegetal aromas.

Vieiru DOP Organic, is also elaborated from the Manzanilla Cacereña olive, has a sweet entrance in mouth, with a barely bitter and a spicy touch. Taste exhibits an intense fruit flavor profile reminiscent  of ripe fruits. It is harmonic and well balanced.

Almazara As Pontis is a family business, which was born as a mill in 2008, in the north of Extremadura.




This EVOO has been distinguished worldwide with eight awards obtained in various international competitions, including the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Gold Medal to the best EVOO in the middle fruit category.

It is an early harvest, Picual variety oil. In the nose the oil highligths medium-intense fruity green olives, of great olfactory complexity. In the mouth, the aromas perceived in the nose are enhanced and persisted. Great balance between the bitter and spicy attributes, both of low intensity. An oil that stands out for its harmony.

Olibaeza is produced by the cooperative El Alcázar, an olive oil producing mill located in Baeza, Jaén.

La Casona Signature EVOO


Recognized as the third healthiest EVOO in the world at the World Best Healthy Award 2017, a contest that seeks the world’s healthiest extra virgin olive oil due to its unsaturated / saturated fat balance (50%), Total phenols ( 40%) and content in Oleocanthal (10%). 

It is a very fruity, well balanced and aromatic oil, of an intense opaque green color, typical of freshly extracted (unfiltered) branch oils. The pleasing balance in this oil´s characteristics make it an outstanding extra virgin olive oil.

Oil La Casona is a family business that cultivates an area of ​​50 ha of ecological and centenary olive grove of high mountain, next to the Natural Park of Sierra Mágina , in the municipality of Pegalajar, Jaén.

Tierras de Jaén TJ


Premium Extra virgin olive oil. it received the Gold Medal in Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in 2011. It’s an oil of a great character, with a soft palate, followed by the progression of its bitter attribute. Fruity and intense oil, with a multitude of green aromas.

Thuelma S.L., is a family business of 4 generations, based in the municipality of Huelma, Jaén, in the heart of the Natural Park of Sierra Mágina, where the average altitude of the groves is 1,000 meters.


Balcón del Guadalquivir


It is an excellent EVOO with an intense fruity flavor of green olives and aromas of vegetables and herbs. It has a soft entrance in the mouth, with great harmony, which recalls the same sensations perceived in the nose. Slight bitter and spicy flavors in balance. It exhibits an almond and persistent aftertaste.



This oil is made by the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza San Felipe Apóstol de Baeza, Jaén, established in 1960. It currently has almost 500 members and produces an early oil from healthy fruits hand picked prior to ripening.


Dauliba Premium


Extra virgin olive oil 100% Arbequina variety, early harvest and in conversion to organic farming. They elaborate an oil squeezed from the pulp of the olives after extracting the bone.  


This oil is notable for its strong fruity olive and green grass flavor profile, with the sweet touch of the Arbequinas and a subtle note of pepper that brings an intense but very fine flavor.

This oil produced in Arbeca, Lérida, the place that gives name to the Arbequina variety. Legend has it that the Duke of Medinaceli, who lived in the castle-palace of Arbeca, brought this variety from Palestine in the 18th century. With the promise of giving a royal fleece for each planted olive tree, a promise that did not fulfill, he managed to promote the cultivation of this variety in the region. Although there were already Arbequina olive trees in the area, this fact promoted its cultivation throughout the Iberian peninsula.