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Our apologies if you’re experiencing problems with Olixius app. Please see the frequently asked questions below or contact our support team for help in all Olixius related matters. We will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please enjoy using the best extra virgin olive oils with the assistance of Olixius .


How can I take a picture of an olive oil label ?


On the starting page of Olixius there is a green camera icon at right bottom corner. Click on that icon and a new screen inviting you to take a photo of your olive oil label will appear. Here you have two possibilities, you can select either of them:


  • Take a picture of a label clicking on the camera icon at the left side of the lower green band.
  • Use a previously stored olive oil label by accessing your photo gallery. To do so click on the gallery icon at the right side of the lower green band. Once in you gallery you can select a label, it will appear on the application for your review, to upload the photo to our servers you must click on the red cloud icon that appears at the top right corner.

Wrong response when scanning labels


We work hard to detect most of the world’s Olive Oil brands but that is a work in progress as labels are updated in the market on a continuous basis and we may not have added your scanned label still to our system. However, there may be other reasons for your label not to be detected properly, as for example :

Low quality pictures including bright spots or incomplete labels.

These two situations can lead to a wrong classification of your label as far as it affect the input information to our algorithms.

Vertical brand placement

Currently our algorithms are unable to detect a brand name which is placed vertically on the bottle. In this case please rotate the bottle so the label brand name is pictured horizontally. .

Missing brand name

Several marks prefer to trade a bottle with no label or almost no distinctive text on it. At this point we are still unable to provide a proper answer to this case.

Almost not distinctive elements on the label

Some brands sell bottles with almost the same label with a very small difference between them. In this case our algorithm may confuse one label by other. We do our best to reduce this wrong cases as much as possible.

Wrong variety detected

Unfortunately many brands use the same label for a lot of different varieties being the only difference only the variety’s text. In this situation there is a big probability to detect the proper brand but not the proper variety. We do our best to detect these labels.


There may be additional but still unidentified reasons producing a wrong detection. We hope to be aware of them soon. We are continuouslly improving this complex process.

Where can users add reviews ?


An user can add reviews at the answer page, just bellow the first ad were it says “Be one of the first to feedback”, a text saying “This oil is …” and a round green pencil item . Once the user ticks on “This oil is …” she/he can enter her/his text and by clicking on the green pencil item the review will be uploaded to our servers and be displayed almost instantaneously .

How do users send queries ?


In this current version users can’t send queries on the app. However they can reach us at

How do users join the social circle ?


In the current version the social circle is still not implemented. It will be available soon in coming updates.

Why olixius want to use my location ?


In Olixius we use the user’s current location to develop location based products. As an example in comming versions we will be able to offer best prices available around the user. The use of this information is secure and private. Please consult our privacy policy for more details.

How can I buy olive oil at Olixius ?

Olixius’s social network will add marketplace functionality progresively.

Why do I see ads in Olixius?


Olixius is a free of charge application. Currently ads are our only source of income. Without it we will be unable to pay for the costs of developing and running such a complex artificial intelligence system as Olixius.

How can I help Olixius improve ?


If you like Olixius and the information about the best olive oils and healthy food that we deliver, please help us scanning olive oils labels, pointing out wether the assessment has been valid or not, ranking with starts and feeding your reviews as often as possible.


Thanks for using Olixius.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us at .

This page was updated on August 27, 2020.