Terms of Service


Thanks for selecting Olixius. Olixius is a product by Deeptikus, Ltd. Deeptikus Ltd. is a company incorporated in New Zeland.

Deeptikus Ltd. built olixius.net, olixius app and olixius.com. Olixius app may be built in two versions: a free version as an Ad Supported app and a premium version at a cost established at the store. Deeptikus Ltd. products are intended for use as they are. Deeptikus could offer additional Services integrated to any of Olixius formats, or independent to it, for example, a social network, a web page or a AI based label classification function.

Important points to understand:

  • To use full Olixius functionalities and its social network you must register a personal account. When you rank an olive oil that ranking will be used to calculate the olive oil full ranking which is publicly accessible.
  • Olixius never posts content to your social accounts automatically. Any sharing on social networks outside Olixius only happens when you actively request to post or select personal account configuration options allowing so.
  • When you review an olive oil this review will be publicly available.
  • Deeptikus Ltd. owns all rights to photos taken with the Olixius app.
  • When you place an order in a Store residing in Olixius social network, the final and fully responsible to fulfill any aspect of that transaction is the Store owner. Deeptikus Ltd. has no responsibility on any aspect of that transaction, including non delivered orders by the Store and all reclamations must be addressed to the Store administration or owners.
  • Using Olixius in any of its formats, means acceptance as User, with no reserves of any kind, of these Terms of Service and of Olixius Privacy Policy, including full acceptance of the particular conditions that a residing Store owners may impose for transaction on their Stores to buy products or services. In this context a User is any one using Olixius platforms in any of its formats.

We reserve the right to change any of the terms, conditions or policies, at any time in our sole discretion. In such a case our users would be notified. 

We offer promotional plans for your brand in our mobile and desktop platforms.

Contact us at advertising@olixius.com and we will answer you query right away.

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This page was updated on August 27, 2020.